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Kama Sutra Positions E Book

The Answer to your Erotic Pleasures

Face it, sex sells these days. In fact, it’s difficult to disagree with the growing interest on sex. From advertisements to music, everything mostly revolves on sexuality.

Kama Sutra Positions E BookTry to roam your eyes on the billboards you see along the road and see through the eyes of the underwear models the erotic and enticing looks. So if you’re one of the millions of people searching for erotic pleasures and is constantly engaged in casual sex, you may want to check on the kama sutra sex principles.

Kama Sutra is a book that’s originally written in Sanskrit and a book that’s available for Hindus. However, in the early 1900s, a British historian named Sir Richard Francis Burton with his friend Forster Fritzgerald Arbuthnot translated the original Kama Sutra book to English.

Burton, who is a linguist and spoke of 25 languages, was fascinated with the way Indian’s erotic approach to sex. With the book’s wide information about kama sutra sex principles and kama sutra sex positions, this adventurer brought the book to Britain and privately published copies.

Just imagine the punishment Burton faced in behalf of the promotion of book. Don’t you think that his inquiries on the best erotic positions were itemized in the Kama Sutra book?

If you’re in search of the same, reading the Kama Sutra book and checking on the kama sutra sex positions, you won’t be disappointed at all. In fact, 20% of the book discusses ways on how to please your partner through the 64 kama sutra positions. Depending on your creativity, kama sutra positions can be tried and tested with your partner.

A Beautifully explicit and timelessly erotic adult full colour guide to lovemaking with over 123 pages.

The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra (.pdf e-book format)
by Anne Hooper (Author)

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Initiating with the foreplays, the Kama Sutra book provides a reasonable approach on these 64 positions. Based on the book itself, the purpose of having these positions available for men and women is for couples to enjoy the sexual pleasure thus enjoying their relationships as couples.

Therefore, if you’re into a long search for erotic pleasures, you would benefit greatly from the 64 kama sutra positions. Other information you could read about Kama Sutra is methods or ways on how you could seduce a possible sexual partner and how to engage your sexual partner in erotic sexual activities through foreplays and sweet talks.

You can also read information on how you could maintain your sexual appetite if you’re in the latter part of your youthful years. So you see, this is an all-in-one book of erotic pleasures, a book of guides you’re looking for.