karma sutra illustrated

Karma Sutra Positions:

Which Kama Sutra Position To Try First?

The Kama Sutra text is about much more than Kama Sutra positions, but this is the part of the text that many people are explicitly interested in when they decide to learn about Kama Sutra.

Karma Sutra Positions

Most people are interested in Kama Sutra to enhance their sex lives, either because it has become mundane or simply because they are adventurous and enjoy trying new things. With 64 Kama Sutra positions they will not be disappointed, regardless of their reason for learning them.

Kama Sutra positions are meant to enhance the enjoyment of sex for both partners. In that light, keep in mind that each Kama Sutra position might have slight variations in order to accommodate people of varying sizes or with different sensitivities.

The key to each Kama Sutra position is to experiment with it and find out if it works for both of your enjoyment. I’m only going to describe a couple of the positions here to spark your interest.

If you think these are exciting, there are over 60 more in the text, and many variations of the Kama Sutra to choose from, including illustrated versions.

The Gazelle and the Stallion Kama Sutra Position

This position is intended to allow both partners to achieve the best orgasm. With the man on his knees the woman lowers herself onto his penis and then leans back until her head touches the floor or bed and her legs are either under his armpits or above his shoulders.

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The man supports and moves her by holding her buttocks and she supports herself by hanging onto his wrists. This position allows for the man’s penis to rub along the upper vaginal wall, where the woman’s G-spot is while at the same time stimulating the underside of the man’s penis, which is his sensitive spot. Hitting both partners’ most sensitive sexual spots will cause both to achieve awesome orgasms.

The See-Saw Kama Sutra Position

There are several variations of the see-saw position, but the simplest and most intimate is the one where the couple is facing one another and can watch and explore each other throughout. With the man in a seated position, the woman straddles him and lowers herself onto his penis while he supports her buttocks and helps her to move in the ways that satisfy him.

There are 62 more Kama Sutra positions to choose from in the text. If these peaked your interest, pick up the illustrated version of the Kama Sutra and you will find enough to keep both of you happy for a long time.